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I was always passionate about making music since a young age so when my basketball dreams didn't come true I already knew what else I loved. I was a high school drop out because at that time I was running the streets, getting in trouble and not making good decisions. I guess I really didn't have the guidance I needed but then again my parents only could do so much. I started writing music in 2002 and started making beats in 2005. Not making much progress with the music, working part time in a dish room at a hospital and with my first son on the way, I knew had to do something at least to make ends meet. So I studied to receive my GED and took a college course for Central processing, a department in surgery that sterilizes surgical instruments. After 8 years in the field I still wasn't fulfilled. In 2014, with my second son about to be born I told myself it's now or never. I started saving money and learning more about the music business and producing music. After releasing two projects as a solo artist I came to realize that working on music behind the scenes and producing was my real passion. Today I have about $10,000 worth of equipment and I started my beat company Hustlynn Music. This is just the beginning of my DREAM.

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